From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Sun Feb 29 2004 - 22:29:49 EST

At 04:14 PM 2/27/2004, Kevin Brown wrote:
>This has possibly been canvassed before, but I was wondering why there is
>no character LATIN SMALL LIGATURE CT in Alphabetic Presentation Forms (or
>The Alphabetic Presentation Forms range contains most of the other latin
>ligatures such as st, ff, fi, fl etc. I would have thought that the ct
>ligature was no more or less common than any of these.

Ligatures in use in Fracktur are entirely missing. For example, ch is
a mandatory ligature there.

>Adobe Pro fonts (eg Minion, Caslon, Garamond etc) include the ct ligature
>in the PUA.
>What is the history of the non-inclusion of the ct ligature in the
>Unicode Standard?

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