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Date: Tue Mar 02 2004 - 09:32:18 EST

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    Andrew C. West a écrit :

    >On Mon, 01 Mar 2004 20:02:45 -0800, "D. Starner" wrote:
    >>Most importantly, you don't need
    >>to wander all over the PUA - with modern typesetting systems and good fonts,
    >>you just place a ct there and the software automatically ligatures it for you.
    >>You can use a ZWJ to ask for a ligature and ZWNJ to make sure there isn't one.
    >If you're using Windows, with the latest versions of Uniscribe and Code2000,
    >typing <c, ZWJ, t> into Notepad will produce a very pleasing ct ligature
    >(likewise for st, ff, fl and fi ligatures).

    How about the MS Office tools ?

    P. A.

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