Re: Font Technology Standards

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 10:23:31 EST

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    C J Fynn va escriure:

    > [ The only thing there has been any real controversy or concern about
    > are three Apple patents relating to grid fitting glyph outlines of
    > TrueType fonts (see: )
    > Also AFAIK Apple have never threatned anyone with
    > enforcement of these patents. ]

    Apple did not publicly (AFAIK). As David writes, they are happy signing OEM

    Sampo Kaasila (the original designer) did bring out the subject; it was not
    a direct threat, though, rather casually mentionning that use of Freetype
    without license for the patents would be illegal. I feel it was fair, by the
    way, so no pun intended: TypeSolutions' product, T2K, was directly competed
    by the new-born Freetype. In fact, it was this interview, now seemly
    vanished, that did make us (Freetype) understand that there was some problem


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