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Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 11:30:13 EST

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    Frank Yung-Fong Tang scripsit:

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    > Also, there are other "standard" about the font:
    > 1. Glyph set "standard"- how to make sure one font contains all the glyph for a
    > particular group of users- for example- WGL4 is a glyph set standard from MS
    > for pan european users.

    Officially, yes. In practice, WGL4 operates as a defined character subset.

    > And I am sure the following DOES NOT exist although I hope there we can have
    > one day- Glyph Encoding Standard. Map a glyph to a fixed glyph ID. (The Arabic
    > presentation block A and B sort of like this one) For example, it will be much
    > easier for people to understand the Indic font if there a INFOS glyph mapping
    > standard for all their indic fonts.

    The now-defunct AFII maintained just such a glyph registry. You had to pay
    for it, however, and nobody really cared enough.

    The fact is that the list of desirable glyphs depends on the language, the
    font style, and other factors, and should be (as it is) left to font designers.

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