Re: Font Technology Standards

From: C J Fynn (
Date: Wed Mar 03 2004 - 11:29:28 EST

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    Frank Yung-Fong Tang wrote:

    > And I am sure the following DOES NOT exist although I hope there we can
    > have one day- Glyph Encoding Standard. Map a glyph to a fixed glyph ID.
    > (The Arabic presentation block A and B sort of like this one) For example,
    > it will be much easier for people to understand the Indic font if there a
    > INFOS glyph mapping standard for all their indic fonts.

    IMO this is impractical and unecessary. There are several different ways of
    making an Indic script font and creating conjuncts - some fonts may have a
    large number of pre-built ligatures others build up conjuncts at runtime from a
    relatively small number of component glyphs. This means the number of glyphs in
    an Indic script font can be very different between two fonts even when two
    fonts support the same number of conjuncts. Also fonts for two different styles
    of an Indic script may require quite different sets of glyphs.

    The same is of true to a lesser extent for Latin script fonts. Some designs use
    a large number of ligatures and contextual alternatives while others don't.

    - Chris

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