Mende (Ki-Ka-Ku) and the Roadmap

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Mon Mar 08 2004 - 19:09:38 EST

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    I came across a web page [1] that quoting from a publication
    published by the Sierra Leone government indicates that
    this script contains 195 characters. If true, this would require
    thirteen rows and not the twelve envisaged by the roadmap.
    However, the solution would seem simple enough.
    Expand the tentatively planned Mende block by one row
    and shift the Bassa block over one row. This would also
    give a tentative assignment to the entirety of the U+11BXX
    block. Since a one row block would seem to be unlikely
    to be independently assigned., I don't think that this move
    would harm anything, even if it should prove unnecessary.

    (Sorry, no details on the script at that site, but the number
    given does not make me think that they were counting
    the numerous glyph variants that the script has.)


    Ernest Cline

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