Re: help needed with adding new character

From: Jon Wilson (
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 13:00:14 EST

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    > Jon Wilson scripsit:
    >>The character in question is a variant of "CIRCLED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER
    >>A", commonly referred to as the "Anarchy" symbol. The bars of the A are
    >>longer than normal, extending to touch or even overlap the circle.
    > It's basically a logo, and as such doesn't belong in Unicode, which doesn't
    > encode logos.

    PEACE SYMBOL, YIN YANG and HAMMER AND SICKLE are represented in Unicode.
    The first and third are even logos for specific organisations (CND and
    various communist governements).

    If there is recorded discussion as to why these characters are included,
    and others not, then I would be interested in reading it.

    >>This character has a distinct history and meaning, and I believe it to
    >>be suitable for inclusion in Unicode as a separate character from
    > That argument would be good if the character were Han, but it is not.

    Do I understand you to be saying a character cannot be ideographic
    merely beacuse it is based on a western letter?


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