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From: Deborah W. Anderson (
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 00:31:52 EST

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    In response to Philippe V's message:
    > Could we get back to encoding real languages and that are still
    > missing support for their script in Unicode? Wasn't the new subject
    of > Mendé Kikakui not more valuable in Unicode discussions?
    > As well as the many other missing African and Asian scripts (Africa
    > really missing lots of efforts to support its endangered culture which
    is > still actually used TODAY and with a long history...)

    Not to dissuade Jon W., but I agree with Philippe on the importance of
    encoding the many scripts that are used today -- particularly in Africa
    and Asia -- whose users are anxious to get their script into Unicode.
    N'Ko is one such script. It is used for the Mande languages of West
    Africa and has an active community both in Africa and abroad (see, and We (Script Encoding
    Initiative) are currently assisting in this effort to encode N'Ko the
    extent we can (with limited funds). The user community has put up some
    of their own personal funds to help get the script proposal done, but
    more is needed to pay for the creation of a font and to finish the
    proposal. The users are particularly keen to get N'Ko script into
    Unicode so they can use it in email. Other active groups include those
    wanting to encode Balinese, Ol Chiki, etc. And yes, UNESCO could
    possibly be a place to look for assistance. (I'll have to investigate

    With best wishes,
    Deborah Anderson
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    Deborah Anderson
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