Re: What's the BMP being saved for?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 12:10:47 EST

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    From: "Marion Gunn" <>
    > Ar 15:33 +0000 2004/03/18, scríobh Arcane Jill:
    > >This probably is going to sound like a really dumb question, but ... Is
    > >the BMP being saved for something?
    > >...
    > >Arcane Jill
    > There are never any dumb questions, Jill, only dumb answers.
    > BMP is part of 10646-speak, and probably part of pre-Unicode terminology.

    The BMP is still an implementation barrier for web sites, as long as Microsoft
    does not update Internet Explorer so that it will recognize FULL UTF-8 and not
    only one of CESU-8 with pairs of surrogates or numeric character references to
    display correctly the characters out of the BMP (notably characters in plane 1,
    because plane 2 is most often accessed through GB18030).

    For now, using characters in plan 1 with NCRs is definitely not a good solution
    for the web, and this does not help promoting the adoption of standards related
    to characters out of the BMP.

    I consider that the current UTF-8 support in Internet Explorer is the major
    brake for the adoption of a larger character set that would ease the transition
    to more resources using fonts made for characters out of the BMP (additionally
    the current registry settings needed to support some characters out of the BMP,
    notably for scripts already encoded in Plane 1, is really too complicated for

    IE needs an update for UTF-8 (even if Mozilla is already compliant there). And
    then we'll see less oppositions to the adoption of a larger character set, whose
    only major adoption is not performed within Unicode, but with the competing
    GB18030 encoding.

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