RE: Sociolinguistics and orthography

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Fri Mar 19 2004 - 13:30:35 EST

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    > Marion Gunn raised a question which I'd paraphrase as, How can
    > of
    > dotless-i be guaranteed in Irish texts? By "guarantee," I take this to
    > mean in
    > all representations regardless of font selection--i.e., the underlying
    > form vs.
    > the surface form.

    If it's really necessary to facilitate that, Marion (or whoever) should
    propose a variation-selector sequence.

    As for the sociolinguistic issues, the factors and perspectives on those
    questions have filled more than one book.

    > The only affirmative answer I saw to Marion's
    > questions was
    > that OpenType may soon support alternative characters for diffrerent
    > languages.

    It supports it now; it's a matter of when applications will start to
    support that functionality.

    > and we're not all experts.

    Gee, we're not?

    Peter Constable

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