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Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 08:20:33 EST

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    Antoine Leca scripsit:

    > John Cowan va escriure:
    > > Pavel Adamek scripsit:
    > >
    > >>> From the viewpoint of sorting,
    > >> the coding <H><COMBINING C BEFORE>
    > >> would be much better than
    > >> <C><COMBINING H AFTER>.
    > >
    > > For Czech, yes. For Spanish we want the latter.
    > What for?

    First of all, this is an extended joke.

    The point of the joke is that Czech sorts "ch" as a single letter after
    "h", so using a COMBINING C BEFORE would make this happen automatically,
    provided the combining character sorted after all letters.

    Spanish also sorts "ch" as a single letter, but after "c", so here we

    Of course, this is really not the way to do language-sensitive collation.

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