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From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue Mar 23 2004 - 07:35:10 EST

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    Philippe Verdy <> va escriure:
    >> The "musical sharp sign," of course, is U+266F, making the correct
    >> spelling C♯.

    From TUS: " These symbols are typically used for text decorations, but they
    may also be treated as normal text characters in applications such as
    typesetting chess books, card game manuals, and horoscopes. "

    ;-) [replace with ☺ if you want]

    > But the "orthograph" is unambiguously "C#" with ASCII characters at
    > least for its standard source file extension

    Never seen a source file with the .C# extension (nor C♯). Seen a lot of them
    with .cs. The compiler itself is named csc.
    And C♯ does not seems to be an allowed identifier (neither is col·lectiu, so
    for me this language is bad ;-) And please Ken you are specifically
    prohibited to comment on this one: you know we cannot agree on this one

    > (or spelled in French "C
    > croisillon", or more commonly "C dièse" even though it is the French
    > spelling for the sharp musical symbol).

    En français, on devrait dire « do dièse ». Ce qui enlève beaucoup de sel.


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