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From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 13:55:56 EST

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    > From: Peter Constable <>
    > > From: Ernest Cline
    > > It also doesn't account for boustrephedon writing direction either.
    > Again, this is a presentation issue that doesn't require any new control
    > characters. There is absolutely no reason, for instance, why an app
    > couldn't be created that lays out Greek text in boustrophedon using the
    > existing Greek characters.
    > Of course, boustrophedon layout isn't needed to ensure legibility of
    > Greek text; if it was, though, the solution would be to say that correct
    > implementations of the Greek block required boustrophedon layout
    > in the app, and not addition of new control characters.

    For the scripts that are currently in Unicode, I agree. However, for a
    boustrophedon only script such as Moon Code, it will prove needful
    to handle this in some manner, if for no other reason than to determine
    how it would fit into the bidirectional algorithm. It might be sufficient
    give such scripts their own Bidirectional Character Type. (For instance,
    LB Left-to-Right Boustrophedon for a boustrophedon script that normally
    starts with its first line going left-to-right, as is the case for Moon
    If needed, type RB could also be added, altho I am unaware of any
    boustrophedon only script that prefers to start going right-to-left.)

    It is reasonable for Unicode to ignore boustrophedon at present
    because it is not necessary for the scripts it currently supports and
    it adds an extra and usually unneeded layer of complexity to the
    bidirectional algorithm. If Unicode ever adds a boustrophedon
    only script, then in my opinion, leaving the issue to higher levels
    would be insufficient and Unicode will have to bite the bullet
    and address boustrophedon in the standard itself.

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