How to get a Bidi Override with PUAs?

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Mar 24 2004 - 19:44:13 EST

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    I tried various way to render a text using PUAs with RTL directionality, but all
    I can get is to reorder words and punctuations, but not the PUAs letters that
    behave as if they were strong left-to-right.

    Is that normal? Is it a bug in Internet Explorer (for HTML <bdo>) or in Windows
    (for the RichText control using format controls in the plain text to force the
    BiDi behavior, which apparetly does not work in PUAs of the BMP)?

    Do I need to reorder characters myself within the encoding of the text itself?
    How than can I encode a RTL text that mixes standard codepoints with correct and
    standard RTL behavior, and with some PUA codepoints that should flow in the same
    direction as the rest of the RTL text?

    What is, in Unicode the BiDi behavior of PUAs?

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