RE: [OT] proscribed words... (was:What is the principle?)

From: Carl W. Brown (
Date: Mon Mar 29 2004 - 10:46:23 EST

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    > > its set of proscribed words including in programs that were designed to
    > > filter the words out of text.
    > Dos this list really exist? Seriously, there's
    > no word that can be proscribed,
    > because they are not themselves infamous.
    > What is infmous or dangrour is their
    > use to make propaganda or incite someones
    > to perform illegal or criminal acts,
    > or acts of war or terrorism, or to diffamate
    > someone without legitimate proofs
    > of his acts, or to deny forbid to someone
    > his right to answer to such attacks.

    As far as I know no list was ever compiled. I did security consulting for a
    while and got out because it attracts sick people who just want to control
    other people's lives.

    The principle of security should be that a user should be able to do the job
    they need to no more and NO LESS.

    I like i18n work because it deals with the people issues. It is the soft
    side of software. It attracts brilliant and caring people. These are
    people who love to think like others. To understand other ideas and

    > (I include there similar issues during the
    > McCartist period in US for those who
    > claimed to be communist,

    My mother received death threats when she campaigned against McCarthy.

    > with such stupid laws changing the words
    > themselves into infamous qualificatives to
    > designate people having unrelated
    > opinions;

    We are a sick society when we a worried about Janet Jackson exposing her
    breast and not one word about the fact that the dance itself portrayed
    violence toward women.


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