Re: Converting between Shift-JIS and Unicode

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Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 18:12:43 EST

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    Rick McGowan writes:
    > A long long time ago we decided to drop support for most mappings.

    With much discussion, contention, and huffing, I might add. Let's not
    reopen this discussion. I know Rick doesn't want to. I certainly
    don't, and I expect Jenkins would prefer to avoid it too. ;-)

    > There are many reasons, not least of which is that some of them are
    > moving targets, and we don't have resources to support them. For
    > "Shift JIS" there are many problems because there isn't just one
    > "Shift JIS"; each vendor has their own flavor. The vendors should
    > track their own mappings to Unicode, where they differ from JIS.

    The best thing to do is pick a flavor of Shift JIS and stay with
    it. At this point I recommend CP-932, only because it is probably the
    most ubiquitous. While I don't work with the Japanese encodings that
    often, I expect there are even different versions of CP-932 depending
    on which version of Windows you are using. This is certainly true for
    CP-950. This does, of course, depend on your application.

    You can find many mapping tables for these at IBM's ICU site,

    In particular,

    You can also find tables in the GNU iconv source, and numerous other
    places, e.g., Mozilla.


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