Re: New Currency sign in Unicode

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Fri Apr 02 2004 - 16:13:44 EST

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    > > I draw a somewhat different conclusion.
    > But why? You don't provide any argument against unifying cedi and cent.

    Look through the bird stamps again. There are glyphic variants
    there which would be inappropriate for a cent sign in any
    font I know of, as well as fallback to a *capital* letter 'C',
    instead of a *small* letter 'c' or abbreviations such as 'ct',
    'cts', etc. The cent sign usage for the web, etc., smells like
    fallback to me, rather than usage of the *intended* character
    for the cedi. We have the originator of the thread, presumably
    a native Ghanaian familiar with the cedi currency in daily
    usage, proclaiming the distinction. That sounds to me like a set
    of arguments that can be made.

    Furthermore, from the point of view of the standard, addition
    of currency symbols is low cost. It doesn't cause architectural
    problems and has been done on a number of occasions based on
    evidence not significantly different from that provided here
    for the cedi sign.


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