From: Chris Jacobs (chris.jacobs@freeler.nl)
Date: Sun Apr 04 2004 - 06:39:18 EDT

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    > I propose nothing. I don't even mention the possibility of anything to
    > make a full phonetic representation, merely something which could be
    > used, by those who want to mark up text in that way (although many will
    > choose not to), to distinguish between words with the same spelling but
    > different pronunciations, like "lead" in English. But my words "mark up"
    > betray how I think any such proposal would be viewed.

    Why not thusly?


    Ok. it is strongly discouraged, but apart from that?

    By the way, am I correct in assuming that a Wachstube is a big transparant
    perspex tube used as a greenhouse?

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