RE: New Currency sign in Unicode

Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 02:55:46 EDT

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    Thank you all for your interest in our question about the cedi sign. Just as it has been noticed the cedi has been represented in many different ways in print but any Ghanaian knows that the original sign is a capital 'C' with a slash, see

    Yes, the Ghanaian cedi has been presented as just 'C', 'C' with a straight bar or with a forward slash or quite often, in word processors and at websites, as the cent sign. The fact is that Ghanaians need a standard sign so that when we begin to use computers widely as in western countries, we will not have to just make do with the cent sign.

    A colleague and I are working on a keyboard for Ghanaian languages. We have the prototype keyboard. To fully develop the keyboard, we plan to seek the approval of the right authorities in Ghana. In the case of the cedi sign, the bank of Ghana is the right authority and we need to explain how we can get the cedi sign internationally established. We shall also need to agree with them on the actual size and the nature of the bar in the sign. Is a straight bar or a forward slash? In designing our keyboard, we want to get it right.

    I have spoken to officials of bank of Ghana and they all say that it would be wonderful to be able to have the cedi sign to use instead of the cent sign they are using at their web site:

    What I wanted to know was how we would go about encoding the cedi sign when we have finally agreed on the actual form (size of the 'C', the tilt of the bar, etc.)

    Once again, thank you for your interest.


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