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Date: Mon Apr 05 2004 - 13:14:23 EDT

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    > Yes but NBSP cannot be used in most books or in some legal
    > accounting documents,
    > due to its too large minimum width which allows a digit to be
    > inserted. In
    > France, for some legal documents, grouping digits can be done
    > with a space, but
    > the width of that space must be thin enough to not allow inserting any
    > additional digit in the middle. This is important for bank
    > checks and money
    > orders for example, and as well this thin space must not be breakable.

            The implication here is that plain text Unicode would be used for
    legal documents. Given that my lawyer would send me emails in highly marked
    up format, I find this very difficult to grasp. Is there any evidence that
    plain text is even being considered for use in legal documents?


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