Re: CJK U+3ADA and U+66F6

From: Raymond Mercier (
Date: Fri Apr 09 2004 - 03:35:36 EDT

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    James Kass writes:

    > Is there a difference between U+66F6 and U+3ADA?
    > The newest UNIHAN.TXT file doesn't have a definition field for
    > U+66F6. The glyphs in the Unicode 4.0 book appear identical
    > for these two characters. One is placed with radical 72, the
    > other with radical 73, although UNIHAN.TXT gives both as
    > having radical 73.

    Only experts with access to all the references will sort this out, but at
    least note that both characters are placed under radical 73 in both Unicode
    4.0 (p.1237) and the revised unihan.

    Raymond Mercier

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