RE: Unicode 4.0.1 Released

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Sun Apr 11 2004 - 10:25:53 EDT

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    > From: Jony Rosenne <>
    > I thought that the alphabetic presentation forms are deprecated,
    > however they are not indicated as such in proplist.txt.

    Their use is discouraged for new Unicode text, but they are not
    deprecated, just as ANGSTROM SIGN is not deprecated.
    They were encoded so that for conversion from some legacy
    codesets could be done with a single Unicode character
    per legacy character. Except in the unlikely event that another
    codeset with additional presentation forms gets added to the
    list of those considered important to support in that manner, it
    is extremely doubtful that more of those forms will be encoded
    in Unicode.

    Deprecated characters are the way Unicode says,
    "We made a mistake in encoding this character, and if we
    were starting from scratch we wouldn't have this character,
    but it's there, so we have to keep it. But please don't use it,
    and if you have data that does, please change it, ASAP!"

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