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Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 13:54:34 EDT

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    Patrick Andries a écrit :

    > Anto'nio Martins-Tuva'lkin a écrit :
    >>> However I advise removal of the note "Catalan" under U+0140 and
    >>> U+013F, and perhaps replacement of the whole note with «for Catalan
    >>> use U+006C U+00B7» (resp. U+004C).
    > Did you get an answer on this ? Why is there no decomposition
    > associated to this character ?
    > Also did somewhat mention why U+0140 is even in Unicode since it could
    > be considered (by ignorami like me) as a precomposed character (l +
    > middle dot) ? Is it due to the polysemy of the middle dot ?

    [PA] In the meantime Eric Muller forwarded some answers (dating back
    from 6/8/2002) where Ken explains this all. Thank you Eric.


    There is no particular reason to use the
    l· as a single character, when all the 8859-based and Windows 1252
    implementations would be using U+00B7 for the middle dot.

    Consider U+0140 as effectively a compatibility character for
    ISO 6937. It is mapped to 0xF7 in that standard. It is also
    mapped to 0xA9A8 in Code Page 949 (Korean) -- which probably got
    it from ISO 6937 in the first place.

    >> Is U+0140 used in other languages?

    Not that I know of.



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