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Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 19:40:22 EDT

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    > Peter Kirk a écrit :
    > > What is U+2027 intended for? The name suggests that it might be what
    > > is needed for Catalan.
    > > [PA] Isn't this the one that should be used in dictionaries ?
    > See
    > 2027
    > Hyphenation point is primarily used to visibly indicate syllabification
    > of words. Syllable breaks are potential line breaking opportunities in
    > the middle of words. The hyphenation point It is mainly used in
    > dictionaries and similar works. When an actual line break falls inside a
    > word containing hyphenation point characters, the hyphenation point is
    > rendered as a regular hyphen at the end of the line.

    This last sentence is wrong, at least in my Larousse dictionnaries:

    For example, look at the entry for "Blattfeder".
        The entry is in fact "Blatt|feder" with a thin vertical line delimiting

    This entry has a subitem for "Blattlauskäfer", noted:
        ... || °~laus*-
        käfer ...
    where the '*' above is in fact the hyphenation point, and the '-' is a regular
    hyphen added because there's a line-break (additionnally the degree '°' symbol
    indicates that the radical symbolized by the long tilde '~' must have a capital
    initial letter.) There is then no mutation of the hyphenation point into a
    regular hyphen when there's a line-break. Clearly, the hyphenation point is a
    notation that is not part of the normal orthograph, unlike the regular hyphen at
    end of lines which would appear in normal texts out of the dictionnary entries,
    so when line breaks occur, both symbols are used together.

    This hyphenation point, used in German dictionnaries for verbs with particuls or
    for nouns and adjectives with prefixes, is thicker than a sentence-ending dot or
    period, and drawn above the baseline but it is not a middle-dot as its position
    is at the x-eight. It is too thick and too high to be the Catalan middle-dot...

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