Re: U+0140

From: Mark E. Shoulson (
Date: Thu Apr 15 2004 - 22:31:46 EDT

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    Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    >>>00B7;MIDDLE DOT;Po;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;;
    >>>10101;AEGEAN WORD SEPARATOR DOT;Po;0;ON;;;;;N;;;;;
    >>>16EB;RUNIC SINGLE PUNCTUATION;Po;0;L;;;;;N;;;;;
    >>I was meaning to ask about this. I'm all over not encoding Yet Another
    >>middle dot, but I was wondering. In my research on Samaritan, I've
    >>found that they frequently write (you guessed it) a middle dot to
    >>separate words (they like to use space to enable them to do this cool
    >>columnar writing thing). I was assuming that this could be conflated
    >>with someone else's middle-dot-word-separator; would that be U+10101?
    >As far as I am concerned, U+00B7 should be sufficient for that.
    I wasn't sure if character properties or whatever made a difference,
    since this is supposed to be a word separator. Whatever; I'm
    sufficiently confident that THIS dot, at least, won't have to be encoded.

    >Note that as part of the ongoing work to cover Greek paleographic
    >needs, a large number of multiple dot punctuation characters are
    >currently under ballot for addition to 10646 (and Unicode). See
    >2056, 2058..205E at:
    >These are (proposed to be) encoded in the General Punctuation block to
    >ensure that *everyone* is clear that their intended use is general, so we
    >don't have to keep cloning more and more such dot combinations
    >to handle the dot punctuation for each different paleographic
    Yeah, everyone uses dots. Samaritan cantillation has various colons and
    two-dot-leader looking things, and small circles... but also
    combinations, like colon-line, colon-angle, stuff like that.


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