Re: U+0140 Catalan middle-dot

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 11:13:27 EDT

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    On 16/04/2004 03:11, Philippe Verdy wrote:

    > ...
    >Did you read this PDF seriously: ...

    No, but I read what I needed to.

    >... it really discusses about a hack needed to
    >reposition the middle-dot correctly so that the Catalan dot will:
    >- not alter the interletter space
    >- will be drawn on a higher position (approximately at the x-height) than
    >middle-dot (in the middle of the x-height and baseline), with a horizontal
    >position that centers it between the vertical stems of the two surrounding l or
    >L (this makes a difference for the uppercase letter).

    These are matters for the font. This kind of horizontal and vertical
    kerning can be done easily with modern technologies.

    >... Most modern text renderers on
    >computers display the 00B7 incorrectly for Catalan (notably in user interfaces
    >and in web browsers).

    This is a matter of fonts, not of renderers. Most modern text renderers
    are capable of displaying either 00B7 or 2027 correctly if the font is
    set up for that, e.g. to display them as ligatures, or to move the dot
    depending on context.

    >So, for a typographic point of view, the U+013F and U+0140 ligatures ...

    If these are ligatures, they don't need their own Unicode code points,
    and such code points should be treated as alphabetic presentation forms,
    included onyl for compatibility reasons.

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