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Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 00:15:59 EDT

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    Alexandros Diamantidis wrote:

    > Yes, I know - I've seen professionally published magazines with the
    > wrong ano teleia glyph, bigger and lower than it should be. It was
    > probably not even caused by normalization - I think most Greek keyboards
    > produce 00B7 and not 0387.
    > Since language-dependend glyph selection isn't very widespread for now,
    > would it be too much to ask font designers to put a MIDDLE DOT glyph
    > appropriate for Greek in fonts capable of displaying Greek text?

    If the font were intended only for Greek, I would consider it, but it may not be practical
    in multiscript fonts. Even in a font intended only for Greek, though, I can't be sure that
    someone won't have a need for a genuine mid-dot.

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