Re: Suggestion: use of symbolic links in the FTP site

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 14:23:51 EDT

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    Symbolic links is a bad idea on FTP. They are resolved by the client...

    I think it would also give the false feeling that a new 4.01 file exist when in
    fact it's the same as 4.00.
    I better suggest listing files with a simple parsable fiel which lists all files
    that are part of a Unicode version, with their respective version.

    For example the 4.0-Update1 version of this list file would list:


    Saying that these files in 4.0-Update1 take their content from the 4.0 release.
    There's no need to duplicate files, and no link to create. It documents the set
    of files that make up a complete Unicode version. Then with the listed versions
    for each file, it's easy to get the appropriate filename in the appropriate

    I suggested this a couple of days ago, and even sugegsted adding some properties
    to differentiate the status of these files in the current version: informative
    or normative; core or derived according to the current version rules. This is
    because some files that are informative at some version may become normative
    later, or because some files which are currently derived from rules, may become
    basic as the rules to generate them become too complex and infering some
    properties will become too much errorprone (in that case a derived file becomes
    a core file)

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