Re: GB18030 and super font

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 12:05:36 EDT

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    From: "Mark E. Shoulson" <>
    > Raymond Mercier wrote:
    > >I am intrigued by GB18030 encoding. There is a table of equivalences in
    > >
    > >0.xml
    > >No doubt Unihan will at some stage include these 2 & 4 byte values.
    > >
    > >I enquired about the 'super font' created by a Beijing foundry,
    > >, and am fairly astonished
    > >at the prices, as you see from the attached.
    > >
    > (!!!)
    > Something has to be wrong, since the website has a press release
    > discussing how their Super Font is bundled with Microsoft Office XP, and
    > even Microsoft's prices haven't gotten that high!

    Most probably the price is for a redistribution licence. This is not clear here
    how they would hope ever selling such fonts for single-user installations.

    So I doubt that this font is made for end-users, but most probably for
    manufacturers of appliances like mobile phones with small displays (probably the
    only reason why one would need a bitmap font).

    In that case, the US$20,000 per year is not exc essive it it includes the right
    to embed this font into an appliance (the cost would fall to US$1 per device if
    only 20,000 appliances are built. For the Chinese market where mobile phones are
    exploding with distributions of millions of units, this does not appear

    For the PC market, bitmap fonts would have little usability (due to the wide
    range of screen resolutions to support). So this does not appear as a severe
    limitation. A giant TrueType fonts would be probably built with a library of
    basic stroke subroutines (to simplify styling) and simplified descriptions of
    the component strokes (length, orientation and relative position).

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