Re: New Ukrainian currency symbol

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 16:45:14 EDT

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    John Fiscella said:

    > The double line (shorter than a strikeout) could also be encoded as a
    > combining or enclosing mark in the 20D Block. Then all new currency symbols
    > dreamed up of this form could be text-represented
    > by a composite character.
           combining character sequence
    Yes, except then this would introduce potential equivalencing issues
    for existing signs with the double bar overlay, including the
    EURO SIGN. That headache is not worth the avoidance of occasionally
    encoding newly cooked up currency signs.

    In general, the consensus seems to be that body modification
    diacritics for letters are better handled by simply just
    encoding the units, rather than treating overlay diacritics
    as productive for combining character sequences. See, for
    example, the recent acceptance of a set of 11 phonetic symbols
    with middle tilde: U+1D6C..U+1D76. These will *not* be
    canonical equivalences to the base letters plus U+0334, because
    of normalization stability guarantees. You'd have the inverse
    problem with existing forms with double bar overlays if
    any combining double bar overlay character were added to the


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