Re: Common Locale Data Repository Project

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 18:58:55 EDT

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     From: Philippe Verdy <>
    > From: "Rick McGowan" <>
    > > The Unicode® Consortium announced today that it will be hosting the
    > > Common Locale Data Repository project, providing key building blocks
    > > for software to support the world's languages.
    > Is that a contribution of the Unicode Consortium to the
    > (former, maintained with most help from the FSF), or a
    decision to
    > make the project be more open by pushing it to a more visible
    > standard?
    > In that case, I'm surprised to see that the preliminary pages on the
    >'s CLDR project defines it as a UTS (Standard) when it is a
    > of a previously published released 1.0 of LDML, plus the repository which
    > still hosted in the IBM's ICU project repository...

    Given its pre-Unicode history, I'd say that it clearly fits within the
    realm of
    a UTS. As such, Microsoft or any other vendor is free to ignore or support
    it as much as they wish as its impact upon Unicode per se is none. For me,
    the interesting thing to see will be how it affects ECMAScript. For a long
    several of its functions have reserved, but not made use of a locale
    If this standard takes off, ECMAScript may finally have something to use in
    next version, whatever that ends up being.

    However, a bigger question emerges with the release of the draft version
    of UTS 35. What happened to TR 33 and TR 34? Indeed, what are they?
    Something must be at least tentatively planned for those numbers, but
    there isn't anything available publicly at least.

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