RE: [OT] Even viruses are now i18n!

From: Jon Hanna (
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 09:50:54 EDT

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    Quoting Marco Cimarosti <>:

    > Antoine Leca wrote:
    > > The virus cannot have any knowledge of a language code. And
    > > much less of the language used by its next victim...
    > It sends e-mails to addresses stolen from the previous victim's address
    > list, so it can analyze the top-level domain of these addresses (".it",
    > ".fr", etc.). Although, strictly speaking, these domains normally correspond
    > to *country* codes, they are a pretty good hint of the language of the next
    > victim.

    An extremely good hint given that the goal is to infect as many machines as
    possible as quickly as possible, anything that gets more than 50% accuracy
    should be considered a successful approach in that context.

    If the authorities find the author I doubt the robustness of the
    content-language heuristic will be top of the list of things they want to

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