Re: Standardize TimeZone ID

From: Mark Davis (
Date: Sat Apr 24 2004 - 20:04:57 EDT

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    LDML does require the Olson IDs to identify time zones (as does Unix, Java,
    ICU,...). See the discussion in

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    Is there any standard effort try to standardize Time Zone ID? I am not
    talking about the Time Zone which refer to a particular time (that could
    be done by GMT offset or addressed by ISO 8601) itself, but rather
    talking about an id refer to a particular time zone/ day light saving
    time rule.

    I know the de factor standard around is the one in
    "" . Probably people also use the timezone
    value get back from Java a lot.

    I think a standard (maybe just adopt the one
    "" and cleary specify it in RFC) for
    Timezone ID is important for the future common locale data repository as
    well as web services i18n.

    I know this is a little bit off-topic for Unicode, just like the one
    about locale. Maybe I should move this to w3c i18n mailling list.

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