Re: Unihan.txt and the four dictionary sorting algorithm

From: Radovan Garabik (
Date: Mon Apr 26 2004 - 01:27:07 EDT

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    On Fri, Apr 23, 2004 at 03:31:34PM -0400, Edward H. Trager wrote:
    > On Friday 2004.04.23 13:57:56 -0400, wrote:
    > > Edward H. Trager scripsit:
    > >
    > > > (Windows' lack of a decent shell and command-line tools is probably
    > > > what makes the OS most annoying).
    > >
    > > Cygwin ( is your friend; it provides a relatively
    > > complete Unix hosted on Win32. It works best on the NT branch of the
    > > family when the disks are NTFS, but will degrade gracefully under W9x
    > > and/or FAT.
    > Absolutely. The existence of Cygwin makes work on Windows much more tolerable,
    > especially since Cygwin provides the OpenSSH client, XFree86, Perl,
    > console vim, egrep, etc. However, I still haven't figured out how to display
    > a UTF-8 file with non-latin characters in the Cygwin bash shell (on Win2K). As
    > far as I know, this shell really just sits on top of a DOS shell. And
    > as far as I can tell, "chcp 65001" still doesn't let you see, for example,
    > CJK characters in the terminal. I don't think it is possible. Since I also

    Once upon a time I had to work on Windows (2000), and I used
    succesfully either cygwin's xterm (with proper utf-8 settings),
    or putty and ssh to local ssh server (running on cygwin). The latter
    case is more comfortable to work with, but cannot display CJK (maybe it
    can if set up properly, I did not bother)

    Anyway, for *really serious* unicode work, use yudit. There is also
    a windows version.

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