Re: Defined Private Use was: SSP default ignorable characters

From: Philippe Verdy (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 15:41:31 EDT

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    From: "Kenneth Whistler" <>
    > That's a long way from assuming that my email software, produced
    > by Sun, running on Solaris, and with some Unicode smarts built in,
    > will itself be a party to that private agreement or ever could be
    > made to *display* Ewellic properly. I depend on that software
    > to send you data which itself depends on the PUA private agreement
    > between consenting parties. I neither depend on it, nor expect
    > it, to also be able to render, collate, or otherwise process
    > Ewellic data in any meaningful way out of the box.

    This is true ONLY if that software bases its implementation using ONLY the
    Unicode standardized data. Nothing prevents a software to also accept other
    sources of informations... including sources provided by users themselves.
    There's certainly a way to make such software working with PUAs using private
    agreements *out of the box*. This only depends on what customization such
    software will provide to its users...

    I just spoke about the 31-bit space, where we can now guarantee that neither
    Unicode, nor ISO 10646 will make any use, this means that we already have a very
    large space for local-only handling of multiple PUA conventions. That space is
    not illimited, but will certainly be enough for almost all users, so that what
    can be interchanged using URI+PUA can be handled locally more efficiently using
    a single 31-bit codepoint (out of Unicode and ISO/IEC 10646 encoding space,
    starting at plane 17).

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