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From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 22:04:36 EDT

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    There is one simple question I have about the Phoenician script
    proposal. From the discussion I gather that Modern Hebrew
    can be considered a superset of Phoenician, but based
    on the information in the proposal, so can several other alphabets
    that are disjoint from Modern Hebrew, such as Greek. Based on
    that, it would seem logical to encode the common core Phoenician
    script as a separate script.

    Also, judging only by the evidence given in the proposal, which is
    all I have to go on here, I can't say that unifying the various systems
    for writing numbers into a single Phoenician one seems warranted,
    especially given their divergent treatments of 4 and 5 which the
    proposal simply ignores. It would make as much sense as if one
    were to propose a unified Graeco-Latin that contained A, B, E, H, I,
    K, M, N, O P, T, X, Y, and Z only and dismissed the non-common
    glyphs as unimportant.

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