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From: John Hudson (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 12:01:56 EDT

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    John Jenkins wrote:

    >> I debated whether to mention the 'prop' table in my message, but
    >> decided it serves best as an example of the 'awkward fit' to which I
    >> referred. The Apple TT reference manual identifies the 'prop' table as
    >> the 'glyph properties table' -- somewhat analogous to the OpenType
    >> 'gdef' table. The mix of specifically glyph and quasi-character
    >> properties in the 'prop' table is quite confusing. More to the point,
    >> is this table actually used by any software?

    > Yes. It's used in all of Apple's Unicode rendering engines.

    Question: what happens if the glyph properties in the 'prop' table contradict the Unicode
    character properties for the character to which the glyph is mapped? Does the rendering
    engine ignore the 'prop' table, or does the 'prop' table override the Unicode character
    properties? Or are some 'prop' table entries specifically limited to PUA-mapped or
    unencoded glyphs?

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