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From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 20:12:43 EDT

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    Philippe asked:

    > can Unicode be updated later to add a case mapping for
    > c-stroke, if C-stroke is added later?


    It is not ideal to proceed this way, but there are a number
    of precedents, where a capital letter of a pair was added to
    the standard years after the small version.

    > Aren't case mapping normative properties,


    > thus subject to the stability policy?

    But there is no absolute guarantee that a case mapping will not
    change. Go read the stability policy carefully:

    Some normative aspects of the standard are immutable (like
    code points and character names). Other normative aspects
    of the standard *may* change, given evidence of an error
    or other necessity.

    Addition of a case-pair for a character where only one of the
    pair was encoded before is a good example of a "necessity" to
    introduce a case mapping where none existed before.

    > but the standard should be prudent
    > and make an explicit reserve face to its stability policy, so that the
    [Aside: Philippe, eventually someone has to tell you that "face to"
    is not English. What you mean here for "devant" is an explicit exception
    "regarding..." ;-)]
    > normative case mappings will be allowed to change to include possible a
    > future uppercase version, if it is demonstrated that it exists

    This is already allowed, so this is not a problem or an issue with
    the stability policy.


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