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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 22:38:27 EDT

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    >>If I had to take a position right now, I would think that encoding Old
    >>Canaanite (not Phoenician) and Samaritan is useful, but I would leave
    >>Aramaic, et al. for more expert, soul-searching discussion.
    >This sounds a lot like what is being proposed, modulo a name-change:
    >we're working on a Samaritan proposal, Hebrew's already there, and
    >Michael has proposed Old Canaanite, which for some reason he has
    >chosen to call Phoenician. The name may be ill-chosen, and it isn't
    >too late to change it, but it sounds like you're in general
    >agreement with me and Peter Kirk.

    I am not sure what Dean means by Old Canaanite; if he means
    Proto-Sinaitic (where the ALPA was still an actual hieroglyph of a
    bull's head) then I do distinguish that from Phoenician, just as I
    distinguish Phoenician (etc) from Samaritan on the one hand and
    (Jewish/Square) Hebrew on the other.

    As have most other students of writing systems for generations.

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