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Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 14:02:52 EDT

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    John Hudson scripsit:

    > [H]ow should users encode Palaeo-Hebrew texts? With the new codepoints, or
    > with the Hebrew codepoints? The text is Hebrew, but the appropriate glyph
    > forms are ancient North Semitic. I do think there is the possibility of
    > significant confusion, which is not grounds for refusing to encode the
    > ancient North Semitic script, but does suggest that a specific
    > recommendation should be made, either in the TUS or by an appropriate and
    > representative scholarly body.

    If Michael's proposal is accepted, there should be no confusion.

            The twenty-two letters in the Phoenician block may be used,
            with appropriate font changes, to express Punic, Neo-Punic,
            Phoenician proper, Late Phoenician cursive, Phoenician papyrus,
            Siloam Hebrew, Hebrew seals, Ammonite, Moabite, and Palaeo-Hebrew.

    By implication, it is *not* proper to use the N2746 encoding for anything
    else, nor to encode any of these writing systems in a different encoding
    unless transliteration is explicitly intended. In particular, the
    following writing systems are *not* to be encoded with the encoding of N2746,
    as they are specified as distinct in N2311 and the Roadmaps:

            (Square) Hebrew
            Old South Arabian:
                    Epigraphic South Arabian
                    later South Arabian
                    Thamudic Ethiopic
                    Consonantal Ethiopic
            Old North Arabic:
            Hatran (aka Armazi)
                    Aramaic proper
                    Middle Persian

    The ultimate question is: are these ten varieties of the 22CWSA
    sufficiently distinct to require separate Unicode encodings, or not?

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