Re: An attempt to focus the PUA discussion [long]

From: Ernest Cline (
Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 21:42:03 EDT

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    You've entirely missed the point I was trying to raise, Philippe.

    It was not the ability to do private normalization of private use
    characters that I was calling for, but making it easy to do.
    Private Variation Selectors and Private Combining Marks
    with a non-zero combining class that have appropriate
    default properties are not necessary to enable normalization
    according to a private use version of Unicode. However,
    they do make such private normalizations easier to achieve,
    as they are not dependent upon the private use agreement
    changing the defaults of properties that affect normalization.

    Besides, I don't think we want to encourage having font-based
    overrides of the properties that affect normalization. That could
    would raise all sorts of potential security holes unless such
    changes were both restricted to only the PUA and PUA
    characters were not allowed in secure applications. (The
    latter may well be good idea unless the private use that
    is desired specifically calls for such characters.)

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