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Date: Sat May 01 2004 - 09:31:44 CST

At 13:30 -0700 2004-04-30, John Hudson wrote:

>What I'm referring to is the body of inscriptional and numismatic
>text from a period of c. 700-800 years in which the Hebrew language
>is written in the common North Semitic script that is covered in
>Michael's proposal. The point is that this is all Hebrew language
>text, easily encodable with existing Hebrew characters, and
>semiticists have a practical interest in not making a distinction in
>the corpus of Hebrew text based on the style of lettering used.

So they transliterate Hebrew *language* into Jewish/Square Hebrew
script. There's nothing wrong with that.

>I'm personally questioning is the one sentence in which he says the
>new Phoenician characters should be used used for Palaeo-Hebrew. I'm
>not sure that this is the best recommendation to make to the people
>who actually work with Palaeo-Hebrew.

People who work with that *language* on computers can transcribe it
with whatever they want. The set of *scripts* proposed to be unified
under the Phoenician *script*, however, does include Palaeo-Hebrew as
a *script*.

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