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From: Michael Everson (
Date: Sun May 02 2004 - 08:41:33 CDT

At 17:09 +0100 2004-05-01, C J Fynn wrote:

>While it is essential to get input from experts in the script(s)
>concerned, input from experts in script & character encoding is just
>as important. It is members of the latter group that end up making
>the final decision.

You know, Chris, when I was filling out the Proposal Summary form and
came to the "user community" part I paused. Of course, *I* am one
member of the user community for Phoenician; but I thought, naaah, if
I put that in I'll just get flak for it. So I thought, should we
bother to trouble Debbie to find another specialist? And I thought,
naaah, Phoenician is such an obvious no-brainer (it being so simple),
that shouldn't be necessary.

I remain grateful to Ernest Cline for his useful technical
contribution to what will be the -R version of N2746. And I remain
confident that Phoenician will be encoded as a unique script,
separate from Hebrew.

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