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Date: Sun May 02 2004 - 13:27:33 CDT

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> ...
>"Web Hebrew AD" and "Web Hebrew Monospace" are the names
>of TrueType fonts. Other fonts use the same masquerade, thus
>it was an ad-hoc "standard".

There are actually a large number of alternate and mutually incompatible
masquerades for Hebrew (including biblical Hebrew) used by various fonts
and rendering systems.

>Quoting from the "jewfaq" page,
>"The example of pointed text above uses Snuit's Web Hebrew AD font.
>These Hebrew fonts map to ASCII 224-250, high ASCII characters
>which are not normally available on the keyboard, but this is the
>mapping that most Hebrew websites use. I'm not sure how you use
>those characters on a Mac. In Windows, you can go to ..."
Is this the same as ISO 8859-8 visual encoding?

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