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Yes, I have looked at the code and infact used the Microsoft Keyboard
Keyboard Layout without any success. One thing I observed is that since the
character are not drawn with the accent assigned where they should be, at
low font size they are disaster. Using Fontlab to design the fonts and
assigned codes the way they appear on the link only generate two characters
in the font table.

I thing it will be better if they are drawn out which I can do and
appropriate code assigned by UNICODE.


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"African Oracle" wrote:

> I find it strange that UNICODE has done so much to integrate some of the
> characters from this part of the world with little done on the rest.
> Like :
> E with dot below and grave accent
> E with dot below and acute accent
> O with dot below and grave accent
> O with dot below and acute accent
> GB written together as the Norwegian Æ, this is because one should be able
> to differentiate between A, E written together as a single letter and AE.
> have intiated a discussion on this among the Yoruba scholars.
> And few others.
> What is Unicode doing about this?

I believe that Unicode already take care of this.

This link might be helpful:

Unicode Collation Algorithm (UCA):

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Åke Persson

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