Re: lowercased Unicode language tags ? (was:ISO 15924)

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 09:16:31 CDT

On Monday, May 03, 2004 1:52 PM, John Cowan va escriure:

> Antoine Leca scripsit:
>> Particularly when I read
>> Tags constructed wholly from the codes that are assigned
>> interpretations by this chapter do not need to be registered with
>> IANA before use.
>> inside clause 2, which otherwise says that the 2nd subtag when 2
>> letter designates a country, and also says that 3rd and next subtags
>> do not have semantical restrictions.
> All tags need to be registered in the RFC 3066 regime, except those of
> the following forms: xx, xxx, xx-yy, xxx-yy.

I know what the intent is. But I cannot find the words for this.

I remember having considered (back in the days of RFC 1766) that one could
use something like "ca-valencia", without absolute need to register
it --since it is impossible; and the very nature of the RFC 1766 scheme,
with its 8 levels, appeared to me a real invitation to do things this way.
It appears at second read that things are a bit harder in this area with RFC
3066, but the words are not clear enough to dispell any use of similar
schemes; particularly since there are no other ways to do so.

Anyway, this is of no importance: this is not topical here, RFC 3066 will be
promptly obsoleted anyway, and the "Philips" draft does allow a way to do it
"cleanly" with the embeeded "-x-".

Sorry everybody for the noise.


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