Re: Pal(a)eo-Hebrew and Square Hebrew

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Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 12:51:05 CDT

On 03/05/2004 05:55, Patrick Andries wrote:

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> When the Biblical text is written in paleo Hebrew there are no vowel
> pointings. When the text was written in the paleo Hebrew four of the
> Hebrew letters were used as vowels - aleph, hey, vav and yud, but were
> removed from the text when the masorites added the vowel pointings.
> This is evident in the Dead Sea Scrolls where the four letters are
> found in the words but removed in the Masoretic text.

No. The DSS, or nearly all of them, are in square script, and this
indicates that the (partial) removal of these additional letters (if
that is indeed a correct way to describe what happened) took place long
after the transition from paleo-Hebrew to square script.

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