Re: New contribution

From: D. Starner (
Date: Mon May 03 2004 - 23:37:21 CDT

> A possible question to ask which is blatantly leading would be:
> Would you have any objections if your bibliographic database
> application suddenly began displaying all of your Hebrew
> book titles using the palaeo-Hebrew script rather than
> the modern Hebrew script and the only way to correct
> the problem would be to procure and install a new font?

Again, change Hebrew to Latin and palaeo-Hebrew to Fraktur and see
how many objections you get. Again, no, you can't use archaic forms
of letters in many situations, but that doesn't mean they aren't
unified with the modern forms of letters. No one would have procure
and install a new font, because Arial/Helevica/FreeSans/misc-fixed
have the modern form of Hebrew and will always have the modern form
of Hebrew and all other scripts that have a modern form.

I mean, maybe you're right and Phonecian has glyph forms too far from
Hebrew's to be useful, and it's connected with Syriac and Greek as
much as Hebrew, but this argument just doesn't fly.

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