Re: New Contribution: In support of Phoenician from a user

From: C J Fynn (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 08:37:16 CDT

 "Peter Kirk" <> wrote:

> On 02/05/2004 11:57, Deborah W. Anderson wrote:

> >As one coming from the world of ancient Indo-European (IE) and as editor of
a journal on IE out of UCLA, I am in support of the Phoenician proposal.

> Thank you, Deborah. You have given what is to me a much better argument
> for separate encoding of the Phoenician script than any that I have seen
> before, from the proposer or anyone else. I find your point about
> ensuring that XML documents are correctly displayed especially
> significant. If your support had been cited in the original proposal
> with your arguments, rather a lot of spilled electrons could have been
> saved. Well, I guess it is not too late to include them in a revised
> proposal.

No need to add it to the proposal itself - something like this should really be
formally submitted to WG2 as a separate document in support of the proposal.

- Chris

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