RE: Just if and where is the then?

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 17:50:24 CDT

> "The existing composites were included only out of necessity so that
> Unicode implementations could interoperate with existing
> using legacy industry-standard encodings." - Peter Constable
> Are we saying we have exhausted such necessity?

Yes, because by definition legacy industry-standard encodings not in
widespread usage prior to 1993 do not qualify for the
backward-compatibility requirement.

The necessity had to do with interoperation with existing
implementations, not with the need to support particular languages /
writing systems. For the latter, it has never been a necessity to add
pre-composed characters.

> And what are these legacy-standard encodings?
> "No new composite values will be added". - Peter Constable
> The above sounds dictatorial in nature.

I'm simply telling you what the policy of the Unicode Consortium is.

Peter Constable
Globalization Infrastructure and Font Technologies
Microsoft Windows Division

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